Looking for a lively and provocative expert on runaway brides, Martha Stewart, reality television, baby boomers, or single people in America? Jan welcomes the opportunity to serve as a source on these and other topics.

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You may want to explore these topics or questions in your interview:

Runway Brides

1. Your novel The Accidental Bride was about a young woman who decides at the last minute that she doesn’t want to go through with a lavish wedding. Why did you write about a runaway bride? Was your novel based on real life?

2. You’ve said that you think more brides should run away from their weddings. Are you serious? Why?

3. You’ve also said that many celebrity brides should have run away from their weddings—for example, that Carmen Electra should have bailed out of her wedding to Dennis Rodman and Jennifer Lopez should have bailed out of more than one wedding. What other famous brides should have walked away from the altar?

4. The average American wedding costs about $22,000. How do you think this price tag (and all the planning that goes with it) affects brides? Does this play a role in why some of them might think of running away?

5. Why do you think the story of Jennifer Wilbanks, the runaway bride from Georgia, got to much attention? Did the media overplay the story?

Martha Stewart

1. Your novel Manhattan on the Rocks involves a young woman whose boss is a television personality-turned-magazine editor who hopes to become the next Martha Stewart. Was the boss based on Stewart?

2. Why do you think so many people admire Martha Stewart want to become like her even after all her legal troubles?

3. Your background is similar to Martha Stewart’s. Both of you grew up in a New Jersey suburb, had Eastern European ancestors, worked for glossy magazines, and began your careers when women had fewer opportunities. How can this kind of background this affect someone’s drive and ambition?

4. You’ve said that despite Donald Trump’s bombast, the original Apprentice had more going for it than many reality shows. Why? What do you believe Martha Stewart will have to do to succeed in her version of the show?

5. Do you think that Martha Stewart went to jail because she was a woman? How much of a role did her sex play in her case?


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