Jan is a witty and entertaining speaker who has spoken to many college classes, writers’ conferences, and civic and professional organizations, For eleven years, she hosted the Plain Dealer Book and Author luncheons, which attracted hundreds of best-selling authors and crowds of up to 1,000 people. Her favorite topics for speeches include:

For general audiences
“Everything I Need to Know I Learned in the Outhouse: How I Went From a Two-Room Shack Without Running Water to a Successful Career as a Journalist and Novelist”

For writers’ groups
“How to Get Published When You Don’t Have Time to Write, You Don’t Know What You Want to Say, and All the Agents and Editors Are Only Going to Reject You, Anyway”

For college classes
“From Fact to Fiction: Making the Transition from Journalism to Writing Novels”

For church groups
“Looking for God at Barnes & Noble: Christianity in Fiction” (an exploration of images of Christianity in books ranging from Pride and Prejudice to The Da Vinci Code)


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