Dear Readers,

Would you like to have the chance to win a free signed copy of Manhattan on the Rocks or The Accidental Bride in my monthly contest? Here’s how you can do it:

1) Post a comment about one of my novels on any Web site, blog, message board, or other electronic forum that includes discussions of books, such,, or

2) Use the email address on this Web site to send me the link to your comment, or print out a copy and send it to me at the mailing address on the contact page. Please include your mailing address when you do this.

3) Every month I will send a free signed copy of Manhattan on the Rocks or The Accidental Bride to the reader who has posted the most thoughtful or interesting comment about one of my novels. Your comment does not have to be favorable. I will judge the comments on their clarity, accuracy, originality, and freshness of style.

Unless I am traveling, I will choose the winner at the end of each month and notify that person during the first week of the following month. My decision is final. But you may post comments on as many sites or blogs as you like… so if you don’t like my final decision, just try again by posting another comment in a different spot. Good luck!

With warmest wishes,

P.S. Shy about commenting on electronic forums? I will also give a signed copy of one of my novels to anyone who successfully arranges for me to speak (in person or by speakerphone) to a book club or other group or community or professional organization.


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